2 Coffees 2 Brandies
September 22, 2012
Artist-curated projects


Participating artists:
John Andrew, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Jacob Cohen, David Flaugher, Amy Granat, Yin Ho, Eli Ping, Carlos Reyes, Ben Schumacher, and special guests...


Scene II. A street

Zora: 'Til Friday?
A john: Okay.

Christoph gets into his car and starts to drive away. Elvira stops him.

Christoph: Now what is it?
Elvira: Please, please, don't go away.
Christoph: Get out of here, or I'll run you down. Get out...

Christoph drives away. Elvira falls off the hood onto the street. Zora comes and helps her up. Both go into a café.

Zora: Two coffees, please, and two brandies.

Woman's restroom in the café.

Zora: So, what's all this about?
Elvira: It's because, because I put on men's clothes and went down by the Main.
Zora: By the Main and?
Elvira: No and. I wanted to buy myself a boy, that's why. That was all, that's not really so bad, is it?
Zora: Of course not. Of course it isn't bad. But...
Elvira: But what?
Zora: Only that, I mean, that you put on men's clothes.
Elvira: I'm not as ashamed when I pay if I'm wearing men's clothes. Maybe it's silly, it's just a feeling, but that's how it is with me. I've never been so ashamed as when I've paid a a woman, know what I mean?
Zora: Yeah, I know.
Elvira: I've gone around down there in men's clothes a few times now, but last night they beat me up. But even that's better than this snickering. Last week, I even tried to get a job in my old line of work.
Zora: In men's clothes?
Elvira: Of course, but...
Zora: What kind of work?
Elvira: I was a butcher, a long time ago, but hardly anybody from my later life knows about it.
Zora: Butchering real animals?
Elvira: Sure, that's what I learned to do. That's my trade. But they laughed at me when I asked. They looked at my tits, made jokes and chased me away like I had leprosy all over my face. Nobody knows how important it is to me to find something to do again. And if it could be in my old line of work...
Zora: But killing animals, baby--that's against life.
Elvira: It's not against life at all. It's life itself. The way the blood steams, and death, that's what gives an animal's life meaning in the first place. And the smell, when they die and they know that death is coming and that it's beautiful and they wait for it. When I was young, I felt the same revulsion you do, Zora. Now I understand the world better. Come with me, I'll show you. It'll smell, and we'll see them die and hear their cries, cries for deliverance.


--In a Year of Thirteen Moons, director: Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1978


Co-sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery, Eminence Road Farm Winery, M&S Farms, Trussbridge Farm, and Majestic Farm. .