Girl   2000-2014



This year marked the conclusion of two major cycles in the life of Denniston Hill.

The first was the conclusion of our programming around Joseph Beuys' "I Like America and America Likes Me." Our residents, exhibition, and educational programs over the last three years have centered around this important performance work and have offered multiple readings from both peripheral and de-centered perspectives. Through individual work undertaken at the Hill, porch-side conversations, collaborative exhibitions, and seminars, those who participated in the program engaged with themes latent in Beuys' work (for instance, globalization, nature, and the ever-shifting boundaries of the human in late capitalist society) suggesting other readings of the work beyond its canonical meaning in the history of European art making.

This year also marked the passing of Girl, who most visitors to the Hill will remember fondly. She was Denniston Hill's guardian spirit and spent the better part of her life looking over the grounds and its residents.

To mark the end of these two cycles, Denniston Hill is pleased to announce the production of its first artist's edition: a collaboration between former resident Zoe Leonard and the Cidery-Aaron Burr Cider. We are pleased to offer copies of the edition to the first 43 of our friends who donate $500 to our 2015 fundraising appeal. More information can be found on the Editions page.

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