Find Out Where They At

Image courtesy of the artist.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Thursday, March 28th
6:30 PM

Triangle Arts

20 Jay Street, 317 + 318
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Find Out Where They At uses text, sound, and sculpture to think about exodus as it exists in the psyche and the residue this type of departure leaves in those left behind. What is revealed in the trail of slime in a drawn out departure or in the particles of dust from a hasty escape? This performance is curious about the mechanisms or vehicles of both forced and autonomous exodus -from vast bodies of water to deadened eyes. Find Out Where They At is considering these questions: How do we, in secret, communicate the moment of exodus? How do we keep the forces of oppression and violation from following us into the space of exodus? How will they know that we are gone?  The title is derived from a line within Douglas Turned Ward’s play Day of Absence wherein a town wakes up to find that all the black people have disappeared without a trace.


Autumn Knight is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, installation, video and text. Her performance work has been on view at various institutions including DiverseWorks, Project Row Houses, Blaffer Art Museum, Contemporary Art Museum Houston, Crystal Bridges Museum, and Krannert Art Museum. Knight has been an artist in residence with Denniston Hill (2017) and most recently Triangle Arts Association (2019).



Find Out Where They At is part of Denniston Hill’s Exodus commissioning series. For the next four years, Denniston Hill dedicates its program to the Exodus and the exit from the fantasy of security into the reality of the mirage. In particular, DH seeks to investigate the legacy of slavery and the politics of race and gender in relation to the current wave of cognitive confusion. At stake is a full appreciation of the agency of the enslaved as an aesthetic and philosophical resource for the journey ahead. Exodus calls on artists, writers, architects, intellectuals, and activists to take advantage of this moment to interweave work, action, and intellect to re-imagine an engaged withdrawal through disobedience, intemperance, the right of resistance, and miracle.

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