Jennie C. Jones Tote Bag: $50
Limited Edition of 50. Screen print on recycled cotton. Printed in upstate New York.

Jennie C. Jones (DH 2012) is a sonic and visual artist.  Her work focuses on the conceptual underpinnings of modernism and minimalism and its connection to African American contributions to its formation. 

jenniebag copy.jpg

Jose Angel Araguz Cider: $100
Limited Edition of 24. Erasure poem on locally made cider. 

"At the cider mill
apple peelings
friendly bees,
mockingbird sounds"

Drawn from section 33 of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself, this erasure was written with the vibe of Denniston Hill in mind as I experienced it during my residency in June 2017. Whitman, one of the great early poets of New York State, seemed an apt source for a haiku-like statement that reflects the rich openness of the land where DH is located.- José Angel Araguz  (DH 2017)

The cider includes apples picked from Denniston Hill's heritage apple orchard and fermented by Andy Brennan of Aaron Burr Cider and is extremely dry with a briny, cherry taste that comes from the bitter, woody apples of one tree in our orchard. 


Michael Soi Tote Bag:$100
Limited edition of 24. Screen print on organic cotton. 

Nairobi-based artist Michael Soi (DH 2016) is one of East Africa’s most prolific artists.  Soi is primarily known for paintings that critically examine contemporary social, economic, and political trends in Kenya or that are inspired by Nairobi’s vibrant street life.   


Eco Jersey Crew Neck T-Shirt $30
50% polyester 38% cotton 12% rayon
regular fit low-impact yarn-dyed with recycled and organic content

Unisex Sizes (Mens Sizing)


Dave McKenzie

Maple Syrup: Limited edition of 24 bottles of maple syrup harvested from Denniston Hill’s maple trees. Dave McKenzie (DH 2016) is a conceptual artist working in performance, photography, and video. It takes approximately 40 gallons of maple sap to make one gallon of maple syrup!

Jennie Jones Tote Bag+ Dave McKenzie Maple Syrup:$250 and up

For donations of $250 and up we will include a bottle of our homemade maple syrup and a tote bag. ($200 is tax deductible)