Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How does an artist become a resident?

A. Our residency is by nomination only. We post open calls for workshops or special programs periodically. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media to find out more.


Q. Who nominates the artists in residence?

A. Our board, director, and advisory board. Occasionally alumni make residency suggestions.


Q. When does the residency occur?

A. The residency season takes place from May through October for one-month sessions.


Q. Do residents receive stipend while they are in residence?

A. Residents receive a stipend and travel budget.


Q. Are alumni able to request another residency?

A. We welcome returning alumni residencies on a case-by-case basis depending primarily on availability.


Q. Where is Denniston Hill located?

A. Denniston Hill is located on 200 acres of land in Sullivan County, New York. 


Q. What are the residential accommodations like?

A. Residents share DH’s five-bedroom farmhouse with 2-4 other residents. Residents are assigned their own room and 24/7 access to a private studio space. Our facilities include studio spaces, a workshop equipped with woodworking tools, a library, and several off the grid cabins.


Q. Can Denniston Hill accommodate people with disabilities?

A. It is our goal to accommodate all. For specific concerns about residential and studio accessibility, please email the residency manager at

Q. How are meals managed?

A. Residents and visitors are responsible for supplying their own food and preparing their own meals. We encourage communal meals, given the large kitchen and dining room table and the community of residents. Those with special food needs should bring special items with them, including your favorite kind of coffee if desired, as the local selection is limited. Residents are welcome to use produce grown in our garden.


Q. May my family members or friends join me at Denniston Hill?

A. The house is typically at capacity during the residency season, so we are usually not able to accommodate family members during the season. You can reach out to the Residency Manager at for more information.


Q. May I bring my pet?

A. We do not accommodate pets. Kerby, the farm dog, is present on the grounds.


Q. How are studio spaces determined?

A. Studios are assigned in advance after a Skype interview has taken place; this allows us to understand your needs and designate accordingly. There are two outlying off the grid structures within a 10 minute walk of the house, available to any residents. Residents may also use the wood shop after an orientation by John Letourneau, DH’s production manager.


Q. Are there phone/internet and printing accommodations at Denniston Hill?

A. Most cell service is consistent, but you may not be able to get service inside the house depending on your carrier. Going outside should alleviate any disruption. The landline in the main house can be used for domestic calls or international calls with a calling card (residents must supply their own calling cards). Satellite WiFi internet is available; however, download and upload activity is currently limited due to the type of network connection available, and the internet tends to run very slowly. We are working to expand the availability, reliability, and speed. 

Q. What are the photography guidelines?

A. If you take photos of an artist’s work, you must ask the artist’s permission prior to posting on social media, etc. If you prefer not to have staff/visiting professional photographers photograph you or your work as part of our documentation process, please let us know.