Denniston Hill was founded in 2004 by a group of artists, architects, and writers who were interested in exploration within the visual arts, architecture, literature, the sciences, and humanities and fostering dialogue across disciplines through residencies, exhibitions, and educational programs. For at least five years before that, the farm house, barn, and surrounding forest and field were a place of exploration, exchange, and renewal for what would become Denniston Hill’s first board of directors. For example, Paul Pfeiffer used the site for his Orpheus Descending (2001) and Julie Mehretu painted some of her first large-scale paintings here. Artists, architects, and writers have used the Hill and its facilities as a canvas, a studio, a source of inspiration, and a place to re-charge. Denniston Hill’s unique location in the southern Catskills invites site-related investigations from artists, architects, writers, and scholars in the visual arts, literature, architecture, sciences, and the humanities.

In addition to our current board of directors, our founding members included John Letourneau, kara lynch, Jessica Rankin, Beth Stryker, and Robin Vachal. In addition, early visitors to the farmhouse included Lyle Ashton Harris, Zoe Leonard, and Akram Zaatari.


Some history from our archives. Denniston Hill was also known as Pleasant Grove Farm House and Denniston's Villa and served as a respite for city dwellers