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Denniston Hill Library Residency/Internship

Carlos Reyes,  Two Coffees, Two Brandies,  2012

Carlos Reyes, Two Coffees, Two Brandies, 2012

Situated in the Southern Catskills on a 200-acre campus, DH was established on the conviction that it is imperative for artists of all disciplines, backgrounds and career stages to have time and space for reflection and research. The organization was founded in 2004 by a group of primarily LGBTQ artists, architects, and writers of color. We are an artist-centered interdisciplinary arts organization that fosters an inclusive, practical discourse about the aesthetics, function, ethics and meaning of contemporary artistic practice. Our mission is guided by the principle that creative and critical voices are important in shaping a just, equitable society.  

Project Description

Our library of 1,000+ volumes consists of art films, art books, artist books, literature, fiction, experimental writing and poetry, social studies as well as books on history, religion and other topics.   It is a well-loved and central part of our residency program. Denniston Hill’s library intern will be responsible for organizing and categorizing materials on the library shelves as well as initiating a digital catalog of our private library to ensure our residents can easily locate books, films and journals.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Sort, shelf, and file various materials accurately according to Library of Congress classification system

  • Read shelves for accuracy and re-shelf misplaced items;

  • Develop a shelf labeling system and “return” book area and check out log

  • Set up an online public access catalog (OPAC) such as Tiny Cat: and begin inputting materials.


Candidates must be enrolled in a graduate or undergrad program in Library and Information Science


Art or Gender Studies programs(or similar) and interested in organizing, the subject matter of our library and the mission of Denniston Hill.

Must able to work independently for 30 hours a week.  

Physical Requirements

  • Remain in a standing position for extended periods of time while performing a variety of tasks;

  • Perform repetitive hand, arm, and body movements, including lifting books on a continuous basis.

  • Reach overhead, bend and kneel to shelve books weighing up to three pounds.

  • Stand on a stepstool to reshelve and organize books on high shelves.

Please bring your own laptop for data entry if possible.  

Timeline: 1 week residency in May or June.  Possibility of a follow up week Sept-October.

Compensation: Denniston Hill will cover your travel and pay a modest stipend of $250.00 per week.  Your accommodations will be a private room with a shared bathroom (linens and towels provided).