September 5, 2011
Curated by Carlos Reyes


Participating artists:
John Andrew, Colby Bird, Shane Campbell, Sonja Engelhardt, Joe Graham Felsen, Amy Granat, Ethan Greenbaum, Jennie C. Jones, G. William Webb, Jo-ey Tang, Elaine Cameron Weir


Consider the formula of an exhibition, shift the variables so that they move towards fluidity and transparency. At the same time, acknowledge the impossibility of the endeavor


It is always only an attempt.(1)

"Trout Spots" opened up an aperture to examine the ways "site" has been re-defined by artists working in a variety of different media, including sculpture, sound, text, and painting. The project at Denniston Hill moves from specific works that deal with “landscape” into an entire exhibition coping with this idea.

As a starting point, works that use sound, not only as audible sonic emissions, but also as a concept constructed into their sculptural form were selected. The works were then placed throughout the 200 acre property at Denniston Hill in Woodridge, New York, population 847. (Rivers, porches, ticks) After some time and space, the same works will be brought back to New York City, population 8,175,133 and once again installed collectively in a project space or gallery. (“Excuse me”, urine, electricity.)

How do the works recalibrate themselves when moved from the openness of a “natural” settings to a space that we are conditioned to associate with our condition of hyper contemporary civic engagement. The transition might reveal something about how we construct our idea of landscape and art.

(1) Carlos Reyes, Jo-ey Tang. Personal Conversation. October, 2011

Trout-spots website

Co-sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery.