Save the Date: Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal book launch at Independent Curators International May 23.

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Autumn Knight

Autumn Knight

Find Out Where They At:

A new performance by DH alum

Autumn Knight,

commissioned by Denniston Hill

March 28, 2019 6:30 p.m.

“all windows of my rooms let me see

and let all others see me”

a Conversation with Tarik Kiswanson and Jesi Khadivi

Tuesday, January 29, 2019
6:30-8:30 PM
Dedalus Foundation
 25 East 21st Street, Floor 4

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A new performance by Clifford Owens, recipient of DH’s 2017 Distinguished Performance Artist Awardee. Commissioned by Denniston Hill

December 13, 2018

at Triangle Arts Association

Denniston Hill, The Laundromat Project, and Triangle Arts Association are pleased to present:

Chloë Bass:

This Is A Film (1.2)

November 15th,  7:00 PM

at Triangle Arts Association

20 Jay Street, Studio 317, Dumbo, Brooklyn.

This Is A Film (1.2). is a lecture performance exploring what it means to turn footage into language. Using clips of family home movies found in various online archives, Chloë Bass creates a descriptive piece for the audience to hear and imagine. Where is the film: in the language? in the images that come into each listener's head? Is it shared between us? What do we see, and how does it make a story?

Butterfly’s Mirror; Laura Raicovich, Carlos Motta, and Itamar Mann in conversation at the Dedalus Foundation May 16, 2018.

Butterfly’s Mirror; Laura Raicovich, Carlos Motta, and Itamar Mann in conversation at the Dedalus Foundation May 16, 2018.


Denniston Hill announces its thematic program for 2018-2022, Exodus. When Moses led the Jews of Egypt out of bondage and into the desert, it was a moment of great upheaval in which timeworn patterns of alienation, subjection, and solidarity in the “house of slavery and iniquitous labor” were suddenly dawning, away from the security of oppression, the mirages of the desert and their murmurings of uncertainty began to overwhelm them. While the narration of the Exodus often calls to mind the uptopic moment of fulfillment upon reaching the “Promised Land”, the real protagonists of the story are the first generation of ex-slaves who made the imaginative leap to reject bondage and then spent 40 years wandering. Bringing the Exodus story outside of its religious confines finds new resonance today in a world defined by homelessness, both literal and existential, on an epic scale. 

 For the next five years, Denniston Hill dedicates its residency and public programs to the theme of Exodus and the exit from the fantasy of security into the reality of the mirage. In particular, we will investigate the history of slavery and the politics of race and gender in relation to current cognitive confusion. It proposes a full appreciation of the agency of the enslaved as an aesthetic and philosophical resource for the ontological ‘journey’ ahead.

2018 Residency Season

2018 Residency Season

In 2018, we hosted over 20 residents—artists, filmmakers, poets, writers and other creative visionaries from across the United States, Kenya and Jordan/France, who have always been on the leading edge of the ontological Exodus. They are the inventors of new imaginaries, language, sensations, and categories of thoughts. A full list can be found here.