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Engage, provoke, critique, imagine.

PICTURED: Malcolm Peacock, “All Kinds of things;” from Respite, by Xaviera Simmons (DPAA ‘18), performed at Denniston HIll, 2018. IMAGE CREDIT: Vladimir Radojicic


Our Mission


Based on the strong belief that artists’ voices should be heard, nurtured and protected, Denniston Hill is dedicated to fostering dialogue through our core programs. We are committed to amplifying under-the-radar voices, and encouraging conversations among and beyond our community of artists striving for change and cultural awareness. The artists we support fearlessly challenge mainstream understandings of gender, identity, and race while working tirelessly to bring attention to the critical issues of our time.

We advance our mission by offering alternative support structures that are not reliant on market forces, and by providing artists opportunities to create work, explore ideas, and push boundaries.








Thematic Program 2017-2022


Denniston Hill develops its programs in thematic cycles, identifying a topic of particular urgency and broad resonance. Since 2017, we have been exploring the theme of Exodus and the aesthetics and ethics of uncertainty. In particular, Denniston Hill seeks to investigate the legacy of slavery and the politics of race and gender in relation to the current wave of cognitive confusion. At stake is a full appreciation of the agency of the enslaved as an aesthetic and philosophical resource for the journey ahead.

Exodus calls on artists, scholars, activists, thought leaders and cultural workers  to take advantage of this moment to interweave work, action, and intellect to re-imagine an engaged withdrawal through disobedience, intemperance, the right of resistance, and miracle. Our programs are dedicated to the Exodus and the exit from the fantasy of security into the reality of the mirage. 

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Exodus Programs


Recent Event Highlight

Open House 2019


Photography by Claudia Mandlik


Robbie McCauley


Thanks for joining us on Saturday, July 20, 2019 for Denniston Hill’s annual open house.

As we do every summer, we opened the farm house, surrounding garden, and river paths to our alumni, friends, and supporters to celebrate our annual Distinguished Performance Artist award (DPAA) recipient. This year’s recipient was Robbie McCauley.

The annual DPAA is given to multidisciplinary artists for excellence in the field of performance art. We honor artists who blur the boundaries of the genre and explore social issues. In addition to receiving a cash award, McCauley will be in residence at Denniston Hill to develop a work-in-progress,  culminating in a public performance at our annual Open House on Saturday, July 20th.

Previous DPAA recipients include: Xaviera Simmons (2018), Clifford Owens (2017), and Okwui Okpokwasili (2018).



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