Carlos Martiel, "Mule," performance with tree branch and iron bolt, 8 hours duration, Denniston Hill, 2016.

Our residency and public programs are organized around a curatorial concept which provides the overarching framework for our activities. Residents are selected through a nomination process based on artistic merit and how their practice intersects with the curatorial theme. We invite artists, architects, writers, and poets at any stage of their career to have time and space for engaged reflection, research, and production.  We are not accepting applications at this time. 

 Denniston Hill's residency is   made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.  

Denniston Hill's residency is  made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature. 

Read more about Exodus, the 2018-2022 curatorial theme. 


American Artist
Chloë Bass (The Laundromat Project)
Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik (Kaya Press)
Ron Jean-Gilles
Renee Gladman
Tarik Kiswanson
Troy Michie
Patricia Montoya
Joseph Mosconi (Poetic Research Bureau) + Harmony Holiday
Sayward Schoonmaker
Solveig Nelson
Sondra Perry
Joanna Valente
Linda Yablonsky
Xaviera Simmons

Returning Alumni: Sacha Yanow, Brenda Shaughnessy and Andrianna Campbell.


Andrianna Campbell (New York)
Autumn Knight (New York)
Cauleen Smith (Chicago)
Clifford Owens (New York)
Craig Teicher (New Jersey)
Ivan Gaete ( New York) in partnership with the Laundromat Project
Jared Buckheister (New York)
Jose Araguz (Portland)
Julia Phillips  (Berlin/New York)
Lerato Shadi (South Africa)  in partnership with Africa's Out!
Kameelah Janan Rasheed (New York)
Moira Williams (New York)
Morgan Parker (New York)
Natalie Diaz (Arizona)
Regine Basha (New York)
Rosa Barba (Berlin)
Sacha Yanow (New York)

Seminar: Denniston Hill 2017, led by Clifford Owens

Emma Sulkowicz (New York)
Asif Mian (New York)
Joseph Liatela (Berkley)
Alexandra Beriault (Toronto)
Nadja Marcin (New York/Germany)

Weekend Retreats
Art & Law Program


Domenick Ammirati (New York) 
Boychild (Los Angeles)
R. Erica Doyle (New York)
Adrienne Edwards (New York)
Cathy Park Hong (New York)
Alex Kershaw (Sydney/San Diego)
Anissa Mack (New York)
Tiffany Malakooti (New York)
Carlos Martiel (Cuba)
Dave McKenzie (New York)
Okwui Okpokwasili and Peter Born (New York)
Yoshua Okón (Mexico)
Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook (Thailand)
Steven Reker (New York)
Brenda Shaughnessy (New York)
Pamela Sneed (New York)
Michael Soi (Kenya)
Wu Tsang (Los Angeles)


Steven Reker, choreographer and musician
Emma McNally, visual artist
Alhena Katsof, curator
Benny Merris, visual artist
Jo-ey Tang, visual artist and curator
Nana Adusei-Poku, art historian
Magnus Schaefer, art historian


Creative Chemistries/Art 21
The Art & Law Program
Independent Curators International


Nana Adusei-Poku, art historian
John Person, intellectual historian
Steven Reker, choreographer and musician
Yasufumi Nakamori, curator and art historian
Josh Kline, visual artist
Booker Stardrum, musician


LaToya Ruby Frazier, visual artist
Taro Masushio, visual artist
Leslie Parks, chef
Eli Ping, visual artist
Elodie Pong, visual artist
Steve Rekker and People Get Ready, musicians
Michael Vazquez, writer and editor


Rachel Carrigan, art + agriculture farm apprentice
Quincy Flowers, writer
Hal Foster, art historian
Anthony Keith Giannini, visual artist
Lauren van Haaften-Schick, curator
Alexandria Harris, visual artist
Steffani Jemison, visual artist
Jennie C. Jones, sound artist
Sérgio Muñoz Sarmiento, visual artist
Carlos Reyes, visual artist
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, writer
Dolores Zinny and Juan Maidagan, visual artists


Alec Hanley Bemis, writer / curator / creative coordinator
Jherek Bischoff, producer / musician / composer
Ben Cassorla, musician
Dawn Chan, musician / writer / editor
Todd Chandler, filmmaker / artist
William Cordova, visual artist
Thomas Devaney, poet
Deborah Gorlin, poet
Adam Hall, filmmaker
Matt Hughes, musician
Mike Lavelle, musician
Dani Leventhal, visual artist
Sara Marcus, writer / editor
Nate Martinez, musician
Emma McNally, visual artist
Emily Nemens, visual artist
Andy Ness, visual artist
People Get Ready,musicians
Matt Phillips, visual artist
Brett Price, visual artist
Steven Reker, musician /dancer
Amy Sadao,curator


Ei Arakawa, visual artist
Stuart Bailey, designer/publisher
Tanyth Berkeley, visual artist
John Bolla, woodworker
Keil Borrman, visual artist
Kerstin Brätsch, visual artist
Lisa Brogna, visual artist
Brooklyn Mammal, designers
A.K. Burns, visual artist
Leidy Churchman, visual artist
William Cordova, visual artist
Tracy Cocks, social worker
Dean Daderko, curator
Sarah Demeuse, curator
Elizabeth Felicella, photographer
fierce pussy, artist collective
Coco Fusco, visual artist
Nikolas Gambaroff, visual artist
Tara Geer, visual artist
Amy Granat, visual artist
Jesse Aron Green, visual artist
Ed Halter, curator/writer
Robyn Hillman Harrigan, critic
Larissa Harris, curator
Katie Hubbard, visual artist
Anthony Huberman, curator
Megan Hustad, writer
Hitomi Iwasaki, curator
Ahram Jeong, visual artist
Hunter Johnson, mathematician
Angie Kiefer, visual artist
Prem Krishnamurty, designer/curator
Ajay Kurian, visual artist
Dani Leventhal, visual artist
David Levine, visual artist
Klara Liden, visual artist
Tamara Maletic, designer
Francesco Manacorda, critic/curator
Nick Mauss, visual artist
Dan Michaelson, designer
MPA (Megan Palaima), performance artist
Augusto Moreno, energy consultant
Brett Price, visual artist
Renaud Proch,curator
David Reinfurt, designer/publisher
Adele Röder, visual artist
Carissa Rodriguez, visual artist
Amy Sadao,curator
Nora Schultz, visual artist
Wolfgang Staehle, visual artist
A.L. Steiner, visual artist
Elisabeth Subrin, visual artist/filmmaker
Lanka Tattersall, critic
Jessica Winter, writer
Aimee Xenou, visual artist


Sadie Benning, visual artist/filmmaker
Sanford Biggers, visual artist
Kimberly Bliss, writer
Mai Braun, visual artist
Anya Gallaccio, visual artist
Miki Garcia, curator
Prem Krishnamurthy, designer/curator
Zoe Leonard,visual artist/photographer
Lily Mazzarella, poet/herbalist
EE Miller, interdisciplinary artist
Andy Ness, visual artist
Lauren O'Neill-Butler, writer
Juliana Snapper, sonic artist


Nancy Brooks Brody, visual artist
Jennifer Montgomery, filmmaker
Christopher Murtha, visual artist
Suzanne Snider, writer
Meredith TenHoor, architectural historian



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