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Based on the belief that artists' voices should be heard, nurtured, and protected, Denniston Hill provides artists with direct support for the creation, presentation, and distribution of their work. Our public talks and online magazine, Swerve -a journal of art, ethics and ecologyamplify under-the-radar voices, highlighting conversations among and beyond our community of artists striving for change and cultural awareness. The artists we support fearlessly challenge mainstream understandings of gender, identity, and race while working tirelessly to bring attention to the critical issues of our time. Our mission is guided by the principle that creative and critical voices are important in shaping a just, equitable society.
This year Denniston Hill has added new programs and implemented new strategies that re-imagine the creative act of resistance. In that vein, for the next two years, Denniston Hill dedicates its programs to the theme of Exodus and the exit from the fantasy of security into the reality of the mirage. In particular, DH seeks to investigate the legacy of slavery and the politics of race and gender in relation to the current wave of cognitive confusion. At stake is a full appreciation of the agency of the enslaved as an aesthetic and philosophical resource for the journey ahead.


You can make a one-time contribution,  monthly contribution or shop our limited edition items

$50 covers an NYC-based artist's local transport to and from DH
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$100 to partially underwrite Denniston Hill’s Conversations and Performance Program
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 $500 supports Denniston Hill’s Sustainable Agriculture Practice Program

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$1000 goes towards supporting the residency program
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$1500  launches our experimental Chef-in-residence program
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$2000 covers one issue of Swerve, a journal of art, ethics, and ecology
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$3000 supports Denniston Hill’s Distinguished Performance Artist Award
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$5000 supports our intensive 5-day performance art workshop
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For donations of $250 and up we will include a bottle of our locally produced cider with label featuring an erasure poem by José Angel Araguz.


Editions by Jennie C. Jones, Michael Soi, Dave McKenzie and Jose Angel Araguz

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